Blue Collar Killers

Blue Collar Killers

Denver, Co

A fresh, catchy blend of thrash, punk and hardcore music. Fun, fast, heavy music for a good time.
Our influences include, Madball, Unearth, Lamb of God, Pennywise, Faith No More, Agnostic Front, Nonpoint, Blood for Blood, Deftones, Downset, and Good Riddance, among many others.

Blue Collar Killers started with 2 members, Joe Deezel (vocals/guitar) and Blaze McStevens (drums/vocals) in the late months of 2012 in a basement in Broomfield, CO. After writing several songs and getting a real good idea of what to build on, they went on a search for the perfect bass player to solidify their groove, enter: Paco Indo (bass/vocals). Nothing can stop us.
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